Are you Sleeping Properly During Pregnancy? January 6, 2021 January 6, 2021 MazieKrieser

Pregnancy makes one exhausted. We can say that by the experience women have shared but there are some mothers to be who really have a smooth pregnancy. Nevertheless, those who are experiencing pregnancy for the first time feel a bit different from normal lives. It is pretty obvious though and doesn’t need any validation. 

Here, in this article we will share how sleep is affected during different trimester (each trimester carries three months, three trimesters make 9 months of pregnancy). 

First Trimester: Sleep and Other Symptoms:

Mothers to be feel nauseous and get sick in mornings. Not all but most of them do. People tell that it is not just the first year of the birth that mothers don’t get much sleep. Honestly, it starts from the time of getting the news that you are pregnant. However, it is mandatory for the mothers to be to stay healthy and rested throughout the pregnancy. The deal of being rested and staying healthy is far more important in the first trimester. Reason being, it is the time when fetus starts growing and is very fragile. A little ignorance can put its life in danger. According to some new mothers they find best memory foam mattress reviews online pretty helpful during pregnancies.  

How Should One Sleep in First Trimester? 

Sleeping on your tummy is the finest position in the first trimester. Make most of this position because in the start of the second trimester of even before, bump starts to appear. That will make you uncomfortable sleeping in your favorite position. However, gynecologists recommend mothers to sleep on the left-hand side. It is so that blood can flow to the womb without any problem. It also helps kidneys stay clean and away from fluids and waste. 

Second Trimester: How to Sleep and Concerning Factors

This is the stage that starts in the fourth month of conceiving a baby. Goes all the way up to sixth month. In this stage or phase, mother’s body gets used to of being pregnant for a while. However, there are still some issues you have to stay concerned about. Heartburn, leg cramps, and vivid dreams become part of second trimester. When it comes to sleep pattern, it becomes a bit disturbed. 

How to Sleep During Second Trimester? 

Try to sleep in peaceful and improved environment. Soft beds and way more supportive cushions are useful. This is because it constitutes towards contouring curves of the body.   

Third Trimester: Sleeping Pattern and Related Queries 

In the last trimester (6th to 9th month or until the baby is delivered) “about to become mothers” don’t get much of a sleep. They wake up many times during the night sleep. However, this is the most crucial time for both, baby and the mother. For an easy and safe delivery rest is necessary. Adjustable beds serve best in this stage. 

How to Take Rest and Sleep in Third Trimester? 

Try sleeping on the left-hand side and keep a pillow under or between the legs. This will support the back and you will feel less stressed. Even pillows between knees during sleep works out best for some mothers. Try not to miss out on sleep and rest up for the big day – delivery!